I got another look tonight at why I love my job so much. I love my job because I get to help people. I can’t run into fires, or stop bullets, or cast magical spells and go on adventures to save the world. However, I can give people the books so that they can go on mystical adventures and heroics. I can give people access to information that makes their real life adventures easier to plan or possible. I can give people access to knowledge that allows them to reach for their dreams. The biggest thing is that I can give someone is that little piece of information that can help them understand how to get by, get a job, where to find a job, and how to look beyond their current situation to fulfill their potential. I want people to succeed.

I have to say that I fully appreciate the people who go out and do community service; feed the hungry; give rest for the poor and weary. Those who donate their time and money to causes they truly believe will help others. I also appreciate those who donate time and care to animal shelters and other organizations. Thank you doctors who give of their time to help at clinics for the poor and non-insured. Because of these things that we have, people in need can receive a helping hand so that they can get back on their feet.

Libraries may not feed, clothe, or offer medical services to those in need. However, we do offer free access to materials so that people may educate themselves, search for opportunities, apply for jobs, find examples of documents, keep up to date with current events, rest and relax with a good book, and even borrow cds and dvds for both recreational and educational use. Libraries are a place where people can connect. We support the people’s’ First Amendment Rights and do not believe in censorship. (However, we do believe in being polite and respectful of others. There is a distinction.) The major problem that we have is that we do not receive enough funding to fully support all of the services that you the patron should have access to. Public libraries mainly get their funding from a combination of city budget money (your tax dollars at work), state funding (read – tax dollars), and donations. Then remember that so do fire workers, police officers, city maintenance, and various other departments are dependent on the same money.

Okay, so what’s my point? My point is that libraries and service organizations can only do so much. Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security can only do so much. Please take the time and think, what would really help the people who are in need? I kind ear to hear them. A warm, nutritious meal. Medicine. These are all great things, but people also need to feel accomplishment. They need to feel some sort of pride that they can contribute back to the society that is helping them. If you are out of work and looking for employment. I encourage you to go to this website: https://www.vawc.virginia.gov/vosnet/Default.aspx

This is the link for Virginia, however if you check the employment office for your state they should have something similar. This site not only assists with finding employment, it also provides additional information for assistance from the state on education, retraining, etc.

Helping people. That’s why I’m a librarian.


Today is quiet. Okay, not completely quiet, but enough that you can tell it’s a library again. These days it is difficult to determine whether the library is a place of organized information access or a community center. Parents let their children run and scream in the building with no regards to other people. “That’s okay, it’s not like they are studying,” they think because everyone else is on Facebook playing games just like they are.

I understand that libraries need to grow and expand to what their customers (patrons, users, etc.) need, however there still needs to be some common decency and respect for others around them. People no longer know how to silence their phones, whisper to each other, or walk inside buildings. Every morning there is a mad dash to the computer terminals so that the customers can get to their Facebook games, online games, or e-mail first.

So, here’s a question, what do you think of our libraries and where do you as a customer want them to go in terms of service, technology, etc.?

I am at a point in my life where I feel that I am stuck. I am in a rut, spinning my wheels in the mud hoping to find some ground. I have gone through numerous books, therapy sessions, and prayers. These help for a little while, maybe even a few months. However, I then begin to doubt myself again. I begin to feel as if all the work that I have done has been a waste.

I’m going to school for my Masters in Library Science, except I am on academic suspension and will be lucky if I can even pass at all. I work hard and efficiently at my current job, where I am starting to feel like the employees loathe me. Then again, this is the wonderful magic of having major depression. It cycles up and down. Thankfully, my down slopes have not been as deep or as long as they used to be in the past. Guess it’s all that energy I’m putting in to studying ways to remains positive and live with good character.

May this post be the first and hopefully only negative piece of work in this blog. May the fun begin!